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Best Way to Increase Weight Lifting and Improve Training

The best way to increase weight lifting is to improve your strength first. There are number of distinct ways via which you can enhance the weight lifting.As i said strength training is what you need to take care when it is about weight lift is strength. It is the foundation of everyday acts of athleticism and not-so-human feats. Strength is never limited to muscle size and capacity rather get you stronger and better than before. With strength training you will also able to lose weight, run faster and hit harder the gym workout. Even with healthy diet and intelligent workout routine it takes time to increase your weight on bench press. Therefore you must learn about few of the tricks, ways and other things about weight lifting.

What is Weight Lifting and Strength Training All About?

Weight lifting and training is what different with daily comfortable running on treadmill. Might be you are proud on daily running routine but when it comes to cardio grind you might need to take up new challenges. It is time to add some strength training in your cardio pattern. It is of no doubt the gym workout exercises and cardio helps you in maintaining your health and fitness. Whereas ignoring the strength training is not acceptable by your body. Benefits of weight lifting and training are major as well.

Strength training help you in building lean muscles. With lean muscles the body is at rest which is essential whether you are trying to lose weight or maintaining it otherwise. Weight lifting helps you strengthen your joints, avoid injury, improve muscular endurance and improve your physique as well.

How to Build Strength and Power to Lift Heavy?

Weight training seeking people understand very well that there is a boring obsession as you seek to put little bit more muscle. In other words you can say few more kilos to your personal best. Anyone can increase their strength provided they lift smoothly without any tension. To increase your strength and power you must follow the below guidelines.

Lift heavier or less: the best way to increase your strength and power is to lift heavy weights. Instead of focusing on increasing the repetitions, one should try lifting heavy. The thing only need to take care is you are comfortable with the current weight lifts.

In case you are look to increase figures than lift in particular is must to increase the number of repetitions in a set. To produce the kind of result you want you must perform accordingly. As you need maximum effort to lift heavy but to be in shape you need to increase the efforts.

Lift correctly: Proper and right lifts will help you to avoid injuries and motivate you to lift heavy. Lift explosively, lifting weight as fast as you can before lowering the weight in slow controlled fashion for maximum outputs.

Add variety: the best gym workout routine is adding variations to your gym exercises on regular intervals. With variety not only you will improve your workout sessions but also you will enjoy the sessions. For instance way to improve deadlifts is to add unilateral movements to it such as split squats. With the squats you will increase your strength in secondary muscles before you return to your normal routine.

Best Way to Increase Weight Training with Easy Tricks

  • Make a fist and squeeze as hard as you can. Squeeze your glutes and try again. What happened? Did it hurt? That what is called as irradiation. When you activate one muscle you radiate tension and activity to nearby areas and unlock the strength. When you activate all the muscles you will unleash maximum potential. You will not get to know the real strength until you use your energy and power.
  • Chalk usage: if you want to lift big then add chalk to your armaments. To perform pull exercises such as deadlifts, or heavy rows you need to exhaust your grip before your grip bigger muscles. With this weight you lift slows your strength gains. To avoid losing grip you must rub chalk in your hands some on bar. As this will help you wick moisture for tighter grip and increase friction by filling all the cracks on your hands and on bar as well. With this you will grip barbell tighter than before and reward yourself with bigger muscles.
  • Pay attention to your warm up: few of the gym going invest energy in warm up. It is essential to do a dynamic warm up but not that much also which don’t leave energy in you to hit case of warm up it is less is more. Shorten your reps as well at most less reps with more weight is more effective. Real benefit of warm up you will understand when you allow your body to lift heavy weights while practicing the right technique and in exact speed.
  • Potential that has to be post activate: before you lift heavy it is important to  expose your muscles to heavy, non-fatiguing weight for single set. Before you back squat 250 lbs for 10 reps try a heavy set of two reps. Or you can use set of heavy plates swings as well. Activate your hip drive from the bottom and spike central nervous system. Next when you shock your body with the short intense exercise you actually potentiate the muscles and make them temporarily stronger.

Get experienced and great knowledge holding trainer in your gym to stay motivated with strength training. Motivation is important and also you need to keep yourself safe your body from injuries.


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