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Body Fitness Maintain no Diet Rather Motivate Yourself

Anxious about your body fitness as unhealthy eating habit leaves a negative impact on one’s body. Being fit has nothing to do with your process of diet. In fact I came across an acronym for the word diet and how actually it affects us:

D: depressing

I: illogical

E: excessive

T: taxing

N Number of times you may have heard someone saying they are on diet for weight reducing. Diet has been so much in trend from the past times that it is numerous and spread across. Diet for sure have a place in clinical scenarios but regular guys like us who are active or want to be in shape requires clean eating rather diet followed. Clean eat is full of nutrition hence a big role is played by them in our fitness world. Therefore one must not cut down in calories if thinking it by means of fad diet as a way of filter body. Rather it simply means better intake of food for enhanced results. And in case reducing on your nutrients can work against us that is less eating can store fat on to our body.

One cannot sustain diet lifestyle as it is too restrictive and sometimes remove the important macronutrients from our meal. And instead one must focus on eating macronutrients which include good amount of proteins, healthy fats and essential carbohydrates. Any nutrition plan you have must eliminate vital nutrients to reach goals earlier. It might seem to you enticing and one should believe in it if something sounds too good chances of truth is also high.

Focus should be clear:


To reduce your body fat and process of gaining muscles you don’t have to eat less rather you must focus on clean and healthy eatables. Consumption of nutrient dense foods like vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, nuts and seeds all will help you in reaching your goal for living healthy and fit life. Nutritious foods you intake contain fewer calories hence giving the freedom of eating more and not felling guilty either. Health n fitness should be enjoyed if you have made decision on living a healthy life instead taking it as burden. Whereas in case of diet it can make you feel deprived and frustrated.

Exercising with clean eat is the best combination of behavioral style of living. Walk the prime and basic form of exercise along with its counterpart such as jogging and running. The whole body is involved in walking with no equipment and no special gear needed and also can take place anywhere. Walking gives you plentiful advantages just any other form of exercise have in its account.


  • Control check on blood pressure
  • Lowers the cholesterol
  • Increase Bone density
  • Reduce risk of stroke
  • Lowers the risk of heart attack


Regular walk is a great management tool for keeping an eye on your weight. There are effective method that need your attention. As it demands less of physical involvement you will need to add other strategies at your disposal to get the desired results.

Methods for best body fitness with following:

  1. Work on pace with duration: A close relationship is being observed between how easily you maintain fitness. If you are slower you need to run farther and if you run fast you can cut down to the distance traveled. So you need to keep check on your run.
  2. Find a hill or locate stairs: Incline is great way to take any workout to another level. You yourself know that hill or stairs will recruit your lower body. A bit differently than flat terrain that will enhance full body effects.
  3. Add weights to your weight: Not really. Adding extra weight while walking or on climbing of stairs. You can either hold weights in hands or tie on your ankle while climbing your home stairs nearby your house stairs. Taking up of equally distributed weight on your body will not alter the way you climb stairs and also will not lead to any injury cause as well.
  4. Get creative: be innovative with your walks as by adding up new and different form of exercises while you have a walk. Have a look around the path you go for daily walk. Drop out and do a set of pushups, triceps dips, burpees, mountain climbing, etc. Locate a ground and do some jumps on the swing, hang from a bar for chin up or leg raise. Hence being productive with walking will make it more fun while practicing.


Why wait tight your shoe lace and get stat now. Thanks for sparing some time to read my post. Don’t forget to give your feedback in below comment section.

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