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Workout Plan for Best Upper Body Muscle

Looking forward to get the gym workout hit in your busy schedule? Hitting gym has been in trend from past times as it has become a fashion. For some, it is essential to have workout plan so as to be fit and active without being lazy. When hitting a gym it is people keep their focus majorly on upper body. As it is the top part of our body and attracts the attention as well. Upper muscle bodybuilding also signifies lot of things to society such as strength, power, good heath and physique. For ones it also plays a role of building confidence in them and it will be difficult for any other person to kill your vibe.

In the following blog we will be learning about upper body muscle exercise that you can take up to your gym workout routine. With consistency, full dedication and hard work you will be lucky enough to see the results as to which you are giving your whole energy too.

Upper Body Muscle Building i.e. Chest area:

First exercise for the chest workout is flat bench press. You can also choose incline bench dumbbell press. Or you can go with both one after the other as both will serve you best results for your upper body muscle building exercise as it not only targets your chest but also your shoulders and triceps are covered in it. It is also recommended you must start with low weight uplifting and gradually increase for instance for the first week go with 2.5kg or 5 kg as per your stamina and then slowly increase it to 5 or 10kg.

Second exercise for your chest area is fly press this is goes the same way as the bench press is either you can do it with flat bench or with the machine or you can go for incline fly press. In this exercise you need to stretch your arms wider then bench press and bring up straight closer to each other slowly. Continue this process you will be see results soon.

Third exercise for chest is pull over. Here you need to lay down on the flat bench and stretch your hands over your head and behind you while lying on the bench and then gradually being them up. With this your one rep is complete. And you need to go with 4 reps each of maximum you can do be 12 or 25 it is all up to you how much strength you have.

Upper Body Muscle Building i.e. Back area:

For the back you can first do pull over by holding a rod above ground level and pushing yourself up. Repeat the same process for 4 reps then you can go for dead lift. As dead lift is an exercise is great for building core mass provided it is done under the instruction of trainer as he or she won’t let you perform the lift wrong. And he or she has already made your Workout Plans as well so they better know it. It is a advice to perform your workout under the instructor.

Second you can go with for back exercise is lat front. Here you need to be seat on bench and keep your elbows close to your body and hold the lat and push it yourself. Do 4 reps each consisting of 12 pull downs. Similarly you can do for backside while seated on the bench and elbows close to your body.

Upper Body Muscle Building i.e. Arms

In case of arms you have do parts first is biceps and second one is triceps. First for your arms will be biceps. To start with go with incline dumbbell curls as by sitting n incline bench and your elbows firm and back curl your biceps n slow movement and return to the start position.

Second option you have is of pull up bar for your biceps upper body muscle to look good. Grab the bar and pull yourself in slow motion and return back to the position.

Next part triceps you have great muscle exercise for them too as well. For warm up you need to diamond pushup. After diamond push up for triceps you can go for rope extension. Third exercise for triceps is one arm dumbbell.

Upper Body Muscle Building i.e. Shoulder

For the shoulder exercise, you need to go for a warm-up of pushups of 4 sets. Start with dumbbell press while seated on the bench. The second is side raise and then front raise. Fourth is uplift of the rod. In this there is clean press ups and last is shoulder up with weights.

All these are workouts for upper body. For Abs workout follow my next blog. Where I will be discussing how to reduce your belly fat and start to work on your abs to get good lower abs as well.

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