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Body fitness with Best 6 Exercise to Maintain the Shape

Sustain your body fitness with the best workouts at gym. Get a gym membership now in case you don’t have one or in case you are not willing not join take risk and give it one shot chances of your liking the gym environment is more. No doubt that you can perform the activities at home as well but being the surrounded by environment where every person is here to get some weight reduce or build up muscles. Whatever be their reason for them they are working for it so why not you. Living a health standard life is most preferable and most looked upon by many in today time.

Here I will be talking on how to take your ab training to one step above from being where it is now. You should be eager to get yourself fit with crunches and exhaust core muscles with 6 challenging exercises. Learn extraordinary exercises that will really give you real abs into overdrive and help you slice off your extra belly fat as well. Getting a chiseled six packs is not as simple and is also not the only thing behind which you are. With strong core you will also prevent lower back pains and injuries, will increase you agility, you will be more flexible and also give your better performance. Some of the compound movements will be improved such as squats, deadlifts, etc that will give you strong torso foundation.

Regardless of how hard or difficult is the ab workout. There is a golden rule when it comes to training for abs. Being it is health and fitness or your meal quality is preferred over quantity. But in case of workout quality over quality is observed for abs movement. Therefore one should not increase the counts but must try different form of exercises for lower abs as well. Starting and finishing of quickly is not the thumb rule but going slow and focusing on each movement as contracting of muscles should be taken care off. By implementing a slow and intense approach to ab training you will gradually reach the set goal with quality crunches which will enable you to get six-pack in time.

Start with the exercise mentioned to get the reach the fitness aim you have once set for yourself or desired to have amazing abs.

Exercises to maintain body fitness:

  1. Spiderman plank crunch: Position yourself with standard plank pose with forearm placed on the floor and the body kept straight and rigid. Then start the movement by bringing the right knee forward towards the elbow. Then finish it by returning back to original standard plank position. Perform the same with the left knee now. Repeat it for 4 sets with each 25 reps on one side. Plank is very popular exercise among gym hitters because of it’s those rare exercises where the entire core get stimulate. In plank actually both the sides are targeted at the midsection areas simultaneously and the best thing is you don’t need any gym equipment to perform it. The muscles stimulate with the plank compromises of obliques, rectus abdominis, and the entire lower back. With its simplicity and effectiveness it can be done anywhere irrespective of the anything on the field, at home, in gym.
  2. Cable ab rotation: With both your hands hold the cable extension by standing beside the cable machine and infront of you at shoulder height. Keep your arms straight and rigid, tighten your abs and start rotating entire upper body to your left. Then get back to original position and now turn toward your right and then back to the where you started. With this you have done one rep keep switching both sides and perform for 4 sets. The exercise greatly stimulates oblique muscles. Doing exercises is of great benefit tennis, golfers, and baseball players and also who practice racquet sports.
  3. Bicycle crunch: Lie on the floor with back touching floor and hands behind. Raise your head, right leg and bend it to 90 degrees. Similarly, do for left without touching the ground and switching the elbow both sides do that for one minute. Take a crunch position counting to two or both sides to elicit a slower and more determined effect. With this exercise, you are actually stimulating three areas namely crunch, side to side movement and oblique muscles.
  4. Cross crunch: Lie on floor with your back, legs and arms spread out diagonal forming X. Bring the left arm to right foot and right arm towards left with head, neck and shoulder off the ground. This is one rep you need to do 25 each side with 4 sets.
  5. Swiss Rollout: Kneel down the mat and place the hands on Swiss ball. Keep the back rigid and straight with abs being tight. Start rolling the ball as far from as possible and return to the start position. This is one rep you can do maximum as you can but you need to do 4 sets.
  6. Leg Raise: Lie with your back on the floor and straight legs. Raise the leg upward with head, neck and shoulder off the ground. Bring it back to the start position and your one rep is complete. Perform the maximum you can.


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