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Weight Loss Diet Planned with Healthy Carbohydrates?

When on a weight loss diet planned you are very specific to the food items you take. Protein, Fiber, carbohydrates are few of the many nutrients that are essential to be taken. Eating healthy carbs will energize your body and mind as well. The diet industry is wrong when it comes to carbs as making it weak nutrient. What all you have heard of carbohydrates is not true therefore one should stop feeling guilty about it. When on weight loss diet your focus should be very clear with smart consumption of carbohydrates to fuel your sharp mind and beautiful body.

What is there more for which we need carbs? The answer is carbs is consumed by us to energize us, help in cognitive function, improve gut health, to deliver vitamins and minerals and have a good sum of fiber for fullness and regularity.

Dietitian View Point

A famous and registered dietitian Katey Davidson also express her thoughts on carbs intake “Healthy carbohydrates that are minimally processed such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables etc, have been found to act as positively contributing to the different part of body such as heart, gut andbrain.” She also says having the healthy carbohydrates added in your diet you will be adding a good amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and fiber as well therefore there is nothing to worry about when it comes to carbs.

How Carbohydrates are Healthy during Weight Loss Diet

Carbohydrates are the essential macronutrients of the already three existing from your diet just as protein, and the tasty healthy fats. In the process of how to lose weight protein and fiber have to be the main source of diet. But we do need to rely on healthy carbs as it is the main source of energy at the gym, at dancing club or sitting with friend at desk for a talk or in deep thoughts. As all the activities require energy hence you by now got the idea of carbs role in our diet. The amount of calories for all age group is 45 to 60 percent that come from carbs.

Type of Carbs

Different types of carbs are available from there you have to decide on or choose from. There are simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs such as sugar are easy to digest and getting it processed is also quick. Other simple carbohydrates are table sugar, agave, fruit, glucose, sucrose, honey, milk and many more. Now with the clear list of simple carbohydrates you be able to make out what to have i.e. what is not to be eaten or forbidden. What required from your end to limit simple sugar added to soft drinks, sodas and processed food. A quick source of energy is simple sugar.

Things to Consider

You might be thinking intake of simple sugar will give you fast boost before an intense workout session or it’s been quiet long you had last meal. Naturally occurred sugar in fruits, food is always preferred and good for your health and when you don’t know how to lose weight quickly. Milk has also proven its health benefits and to be the good source of simple and complex carbohydrates similar to fruit. Starches and fiber are complex carbohydrates. As fiber helps you getting rid of waste and makes you feel full. There are two types of fiber one is insoluble and another is soluble. In case of insoluble the whole grains and vegetables are examples. And for soluble substance that attracts water and creates a gel type mixture in our gut.
Having real food during the weight loss diet process is the ideal chose one will make and opting for whole foods over processed items along with eating carbohydrates that are mixed with protein and fat will be healthy diet. Cabs aren’t the enemy to you or to your diet but they are needed for the energy. One must remember fruits and vegetables are good and healthy crabs and we know those provide with valuable micronutrients.
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