what to eat to stay healthy and fit

What to Eat to Stay Healthy and Fit with Fat Distribution

It is very essential to keep check on what to eat to stay healthy and fit with your current distribution of fat. As everything you must know about fat types, their location on your body is mentioned in the following blog. With no doubt everyone knows it as well having excess fat on our body is not good for health. Therefore understanding how much our body should have or what all places it’s OK to have the fat and places where it will be a problematic situation for you as it is a serious concern for everyone.

In the following blog you will know the difference between what fat distribution mean or what is to have fat on your body? Another thing that will be getting clear from here on distributed fat what tells about your health. Last but not the least you will achieve a better balance between health and eating.

Not in your hands: As you will be growing older you can’t actually determine where you fat is located and when you can’t have control also on fat getting consumed. Most of the people tend to have fat accumulated in mid section i.e. belly part than there is hips and thighs which actually are attacked by fat. Your genes, gender and hormones are also responsible for fat allocation on your body. Therefore the following on what to eat to stay healthy and fit will be helpful to you in many ways.

Types of body fat

You need to pay attention to three different types of body fat located on your body with different functions. The types are subcutaneous fat, visceral fat and brown fat.

Subcutanoeus: the kind of fat located under the skin right on top of the muscle. It is kind which you can poke, pinch often around your butt, hips and thighs. Hence makes up near about 90 percent of our fat stores.

Visceral: It is located inside the abdominal cavity surrounding the liver, intensities and heart. Unlike the first one you can’t touch or feel this kind of fat. But it can definitely pose different kind of serious health risk.

Brown Fat: Type of fat that actually helps body burn extra calories to stay warm. It is located near the chest and shoulder area but babies have lot of brown fat. A study conducted involved few men. In the study it was found spending time in chilly temperature of 19 degree can actually activate brown fat. With the activation it can boost calorie burning.

What to eat to stay healthy and fit

In case you are worried about on How to make our body fit with different types of fat sustain on our body. Then you need to look for ways for fat distribution. To have healthier fat distribution on your body and spend a healthy living life you must go through the blog. The blog will make you aware on what to eat to stay healthy and fit for good living standard. The fats distribution mentioned above plays a different role such as subcutaneous fat is basically a stored energy form of fat. Small amount of it is helpful and beneficial than you might know. It actually pumps the hormone out named leptin which works as sending the signal to brain of you are full and don’t need to eat more. Your healthy blood sugar level is also maintained by adiponectin which is an anti-flammatory hormone.

Another Visceral fat in large amount can be dangerous as it is stored around the primary organs. It is located in liver by making it ways and then turn into cholesterol that travel into bloodstream. After reaching the bloodstream it clogs up the arteries. It is also contributing in sending the signal as release of inflammatory chemical and also to insulin resistance. With the Visceral fat high risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other are associated. Knowing the visceral fat amount in your body hard to recognize having too much is surprising.


If you think BMI is the best predictor than you might not be fully correct. In case the visceral fat falls in overweight or obese than you are likely to have much of it. You only have to pay attention to the amount of fat rested on your midsection and work on it accordingly.

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