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How will I Lose Weight Fast with Bigger Hunger?

Humans have distinct hunger. Problem arrives when they don’t know how will I lose weight fast with bigger hunger. We all know very well that eating too much food leaves a bad impact. On other hand we find it very difficult to stop this bad habit. Therefore at the end day hunger is not that simple how it looks to be. It is all about the brain that actually holds or increases the hunger. Hence we can say that hunger is brain game. So it is important to learn how hunger is controlled by the brain messages. Which eventually helps you to have control on your hunger? Hence, helping you in weight loss altogether or maintaining the reduced weight.

With the following information mentioned in the particular blog you will get aware of how will I lose weight fast too. Behind the discussion in the following article you will also get to know how physiology works or forces to work in decision making. Let’s go through the blog hence learning how you brain drive to choose the food you take. Also how that leads to weight gain rather than maintaining the reduced weight. One must follow healthy diet to reduce weight.

Types of hunger

There are two types of hunger associated with our eating. One is physiological hunger that is also known as homeostatic eating another is hedonic craving and eating. The former type of hunger is to provide energy to our body that it needs and also to stay in balance. In case of latter we eat for pleasure or in other terms to deal with your emotional state of mind.

Factors that drive hunger

Certain factors drive our hunger including rather limited.

  • Our genetic background
  • Hormones
  • Social cues
  • Habits
  • Environmental factors
  • Times of day
  • Emotional state
  • Macronutrient ratios of our meals

How will I Lose weight fast know it better 

Hunger at some time can be complex not keeping it simple for you. Science has started a journey that will tell how keeping hunger is simple. How will I lose weight fast is another question which science consider for betterment of people. What we don’t know about hunger is why we not able to stop eating. One big reason is satiation which is that feeling of being full from eating. Second reason is satiety is your feeling of satisfaction associated with reduced interest of food. Know that you know the reason why we not able to stop eat together we can work on it. For weight loss and diet plan to knowing the reason was important.

Physiological factors that tell to stop eating

Answer to the question how will I lose weight fast is hidden in physiological factor that tells to stop eating. Gastric distension and four other hormones that actually sends signals to brain indicating stomach is full.

Gastric distension is which that tells your stomach is stretched. Vagus nerve is responsible for sending the signal from your core to brain. This is the big reason why fiber eating is prefer at high. Less calorie food helps you to have control on physiological hunger by sending the signal to brain via distension stomach.

When you eat healthy food, the guts present inside communicate with the brain hence hormones are released.

  • Eating rich food in protein and fat Cholecystokinin or CCK is release in your guts
  • Insulin: secreted in response to protein and non-fiber carbohydrates that contains sugar and starches.
  • GLP-1 or Amylin: both of them simulate production and release of insulin that is important for hunger. GLP-1 slows down the movement of food from stomach to intestine. Second amylin is responsible for reducing the food intake.
  • Leptin: hormone release by fat tissue, tells how much of excess energy is stored in our body. More body fat we have more of leptin will be derelict into the blood.


Concluding the above I came out with the result message that says super tasty and super rewarding foods are dangerous. Certain foods are not found naturally as they are prepared at food industry. Adding more flavors to make food salty, sweet, starch and fatty. That results with their scents which force us to consume more and more.

By improving your food choices and exercising you can definitely gain a high level of control over physiological mechanism and hunger. Here I am mentioning some of the keys you must follow:

  • Eat more whole, fresh and unprocessed food
  • Include more food and boiled vegetables
  • Eat slow for good digestion and allow guts to send signal to brain
  • Rich fiber food namely whole grains potatoes, beans, asparagus and broccoli is the priority
  • Eat nuts, seed, coconut, fatty fish and avocados

If you stick to choices of food and follow for 21 days. Your hunger and craving will be controlled.

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