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Ab Routine? Can Turn Fat into Muscle Really

Is it really possible to turn your body fat into muscle with the daily ab routine followed? A simple and straight answer to the question that is disturbing you is NO. Yes you read it correctly, drop all the thoughts about how fat is being converted to the muscles. There is no such thing as fat transforming to muscles. Keep it very clear just like crystal clear. Remember fat and muscles are two different tissues of your body. Hence you can definitely increase the muscle mass while you are more concentrated about deceasing fat mass. With this it might be very much clear to you that we cannot convert fat into muscle. And in same manner you cannot convert muscle into fat or with follow of ab routine.

Why Fat can not be Turn into Muscle

What actually makes the fat content increased in your body is excess consumption of calories. Calorie is converted to triglyceride and stored in fat cells. Each molecule of the ester formed by glycerol and three fatty acid group consist of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. In case getting rid of fat you need to be free from triglyceride. For the single removal of molecule as well it takes many enzymes and biochemical steps to completely oxidize fat. For the complete removal, the full oxidation of 10kg of fat is required for 29kg of oxygen consumption and production of 28kg of CO2 and 11 kg of water. The carbon dioxide is excreted by lungs while water is out form body via swearing, breath, tear and other bodily fluids.

Compared to ab routine if you are moving ahead with the muscle building which is a different process you need to follow different strategy. The process involves three mechanisms which are strictly responsible for better muscle growth which will also keep it sustain for longer duration of time. You need to follow best gym workout routine for building the muscle and improving your health.

Muscle Tension, Muscle Damage and Metabolic stress are the key elements responsible for your amazing body muscles. Here, I will be explaining to you each and every single key element so it will be helpful for you proceeding with the muscle building. As once you know what it and how to carry forward with them in your muscle training.

Follow Ab Routine with these Key Elements for Best Muscles

Muscle Tension: All and any forms of resistance training do involve force muscles in order to create tension so as to support and move the load. Enough of tension created results into changed muscle chemistry. The changes are actually responsible for muscle growth. Other factors such as mTOR and satellite cell activation are secret to muscle build up. Now you might be thinking from where the tension comes. So answer is from both the active and passive tension.

In case of active tension muscle where muscles actually contract and in case of passive tension which is stretching that tends to occur during lengthening phase of resistance training exercise. Active tension result tends to give you muscle fibers that tend to wider whereas passive muscles make them longer.

Muscle Damage: In the case of damage muscle cell that causes release of inflammatory chemicals and immune cells. The released chemical and immune activate satellite cells that come into action. Observation is muscle are being growing up.

Metabolic Stress: In gym arena when you are lifting the weights and feel the burn or pump that is actually you are feeling the effects of metabolic stress. How metabolic stress is responsible for contributing in the muscle growth without importantly increasing the size of muscle that come from high level of anaerobic energy production. This actually came from the addition of glycogen that helps in swelling the muscle. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, type of growth that increase the appearance of muscle rather strength or muscle fiber.


If you are into muscle building then you must adapt to changes in workout. Changes created by stressors that include increased tension, muscle damage and metabolic stress. Another additional factor is to eat proper and give muscle enough of rest to recover and grow fully.

With this you must also include exercise routine for abs in your workout session that will also help you building muscle for the core. With this you do have clear idea that fat is not turned into muscle.


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