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Gym Workout Exercises Anytime so as to Enhance Health n Fitness

This summer gift yourself the best fitness body via advanced gym workout exercises and unshaken attitude. You and I know very well prevention is better than dealing with any kind of injury. Ten minutes of daily corrective exercise also referred as prehab which is actually prevention to part of injury. On a routine spending 10 minutes of basis exercises prevent many injuries, improves your strength and capability as well. According to experts or ideally speaking doing these exercises barefoot or in socks delivers better results. If possible you must do the exercises in front of mirror and seeing yourself motivates you.

Top Gym Workout Exercises for injury free fitness

Hip Hinge: is one of the type of basic primal movement pattern and the most frequent mistaken workout done incorrectly. How you can groove the movement of the pattern is by practicing the wooden handle holding vertically against your back touching back of your head, top of shoulders and your tail bone. With this exercises you will be keeping three points in connection which each other that help you maintain the flat back. Hence you will be staying away from the low back injuries and developing the proper movement mechanics. Thereafter it will be effective for you to load and unload the glutes and hamstrings. Hip hinge is the warm up for hamstrings and if you do 50 reps per day you will see and feel in yourself the changes in your posture, movement, strength and mobility as well.

Downhill Skier Exercises: the following exercise involve two of the workout that is hip hinge and squats. It is one of the best gym routine you can follow for better flexibility in your body. It is almost similar to aerobic movement as of squats. For this you need to rest your palms on your knees with hips back as in case of second basemen. When you start with this workout you must begin to feel stretch in hamstrings. You need to continue with hinge as the hip need to be forwarded from back and your elbow need to rest on the inside knees. Keep your back straight and hip back like you are in position of downhill skier.

To take this position you need to take your knees track forward over and might be beyond the toes. During the whole process you need to keep your heels touch the floor not let them is off the floor. You need to keep your back totally straight with extended knees as far as possible for you to keep them. Concern is for feeling the stretch in hamstrings. Surely your hips will rise but you need to keep your elbows on knees and prefer not moving the upper body. Now when you are dropping back from the current downhill skier posture you need to drop the hips, flex the knees and let them move forward over the toes.

Initially you need to start with slow movement and then gradually you will gain the proper form once you practice it for a week. You can do 30-50 reps each day with this you will notice the squat and your hip hinge movement become easier along with improved mobility in ankle knee and hip.

Goblet Squat: the type of squats which you do with weight depends on you. How much you can take. Squats are one of the primary movements that help in maintaining the fitness. If you think on how to do this gym workout then you are at the right place. Here I will give instruct you and guide you. In this you need to held sandbag, kettlebell, or dumbbell against chest the entire time when you perform the squat. You need to spread the feet farther in case you are feeling parallel thighs are closer to each other than actual require. Also you need to rotate out the hips so that your feet are pointing outwards. The workout you are doing will make a huge difference. With holding weight against your chest you will find squat that will give you actual depth while maintaining an upright torso.

Hip thrusts: the hip thrust is a kind of gym workout exercise that helps in counteracting the negative effect of sitting all the time. Simultaneously the exercises develop the glutes while enhancing the mobility in hip flexors. The gym workout exercises can be done on floor with shoulders on bench or bed or sofa to make it harder. You can either do the thrust with both legs or use one leg for more load and stress.

Lunges: static lunges are the primary movement pattern which is done with feet in a split stance. There are other forms of lunges as well. This gym workout exercises is good for strength, mobility in foot, ankle, and knee and hip. The exercise is best practiced by keeping the front heel down the entire time and rear foot has to be up on ball of the foot. And the rear knee, hip, back and head kept in alignment the entire time.  Doing 10 reps at a time on each side per day is more than sufficient. You can perform the same with the weight.

With this your gym workout exercises will be in improve form.  The following blog mention you the need as to be done daily before the actual workouts. As the exercise will be provide you with improve posture, stability, strength and mobility.


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