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How to Exercise in Gym with Kettle-bell Swing?

Join the gym? Now know how to exercise in gym with swing of kettle bell. Swinging a kettle bell is foundational and traditional exercise that actually dates back to ancient Greece. In Athens in the Museum of Olympia the 143 pound Kettle-bell is already in display. First introduction of Kettle bell was as a weighing tool in 1700s for grains and goods. But curious of humans they started to look at them as exercise tool hence it got introduced into health n fitness world. Hence, help humans and fit people to maintain their health.

Importance of Kettle bell

Now the question that comes up is why kettle bell training is so important? If how to exercise is your concern then you can are at the right place. Here I will be telling you why exercise with kettle bell is effective and why you should do it. Unlike dumbbell a kettle bell center of mass extends beyond the hand. Kettle bell can be swung, thrown, juggled, pressed, held, moved, and manipulated in so many distinct ways. Kettle bells are small, portable and can be incorporated into all aspects of athletic and fitness training, making them a real value of piece of equipment.

Ultimately Kettle bell are highly efficient tool and gym gear that help us a lot in losing weight. Hence with kettle bell other gym workout exercises are also carried out. The use of kettle bell increases the cardio-vascular fitness and strength and help in maintaining the health n fitness, mobility and flexibility as well.

Kettle Bell Swings on how to exercise in gym

The very first time when you start exercise with the kettle bell the trainer will guide you Russian Swing. As the Russian Swing is the best safe and effective for most people. In a well-performed and highly professional swing hips come to full extension at the same time the upper arms come away from rib cage. In case you swing correctly there is no need to go up overhead. Remember only one thing the power of swing is driven from your hips.

Here are the steps which you must follow for Russian kettle bell swing:

  • Stand with one armpit-width place the thumb tip to tip and make moose horns between your knees
  •  Now work with your hip hinge as you will place your hands at the hip flexor crease and fold pushing your hips back making a hand sandwich
  • Now the very next moment you are ready place the kettle bell 10-12 inches out in front of you
  • Take the kettle bell a little back
  • With hips high and wrist should stay high on inner thighs

At the top of the swing things you should take care are:

  • Hips & knees fully extended
  • Elbows soft
  • Bottom of kettle bell points forward

Remember it’s your hips on a tension scale of 1 to 10 you should be at 9 at the top of swing and be relax at position 1 at the bottom. In case you think you are lifting with the arms use t-rex arms. Keep your elbows tucked in; you don’t have any other choice but to use your hips.

Next Level: how to amplify the swing:

Now when you have mastered the two handed swing, try the next progression that is single arm swing. Load the body unilaterally and increase the body ability to fire its core in a really interesting a way. Think of how often we carry things on our one side of the body such as groceries, our child, etc. In these activities our core is challenge to keep us balance and upright. The same is with the single arm swing. It‘s one of the gym fitness workout that is actually advanced in level.

How to do Single Arm Kettle Swing:

  • Start with the same
    • Start with the 10-12 inches distance in front of you holding the kettle bell
    • Remember to keep the non-working arm extended back
    • Final the hike
  • Grip options you have: point your thumb forward or backward. Whatever thumb positions you are comfortable with choose it. It will remain that way on the upswing. As it will create more rotation in the shoulder. You can come out of rotation that happens naturally upswing.
  • The elbow and forearm will remain in contact with pelvis during the hike back.
  • The non-working arm travels with the body just the way it would if you jumped or ran.
  • One should not get wild with the form and retract the shoulder and square up.
  • Don’t let the weight pull you forward into compromising position.

With this the blog on how to exercise in gym with Kettle bell in more advanced level for you is complete. Thank you for stopping at my blog and giving your precious time for your health n fitness.


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