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Diet for fit Body- A Healthy Nutrition Diet Chart

Sometimes diet for fit body is the best option to go with when you have many different weight loss solutions with you. There are many choice available for you for few you might think this is not the right to get fit. There are people that advertise to lose weight with no proper diet and eat whatever you want. But it should be very clear in one’s mind that it not gonna work this way. Diet is must to have fit and slim body. It is false statement if someone says you to eat unhealthy food items and you will get fit. Following a healthy diet is a way of lifestyle changing for a better tomorrow. Diet is something that last for few weeks or months. Then you will move to the next level of diet but often it does not workout for long run for various reasons including calories and cheat days. Hence learning and preparing diet for fit body is what mentioned in the following blog.

Why healthy nutrition is must to lose weight?

You need a good diet and workout routine that you will follow on daily basis for rest of your life. I am not saying to just trust our weight with closed eyes. But I am here going to give you reasons why healthy nutrition is important in your fitness gain and weight loss journey. How to make our body fit becomes easy once the reasons are clear in our mind.

Good vs Bad Carbohydrates: the term you have heard when you are on a weight loss journey. First one should know what are carbohydrates? They are sugars, starches and fiber found in fruits, grains and vegetables and also in milk products. Know they are categorize in two kinds namely good and bad or complex carbs and simple carbs. The complex carbohydrates from the name only it get clears it is complex in form and take more time to burn in long run. Whereas Bad carbohydrates are shorter and burn out quickly which also mean provide you with less nutritional value in long run. Therefore consuming right kind of food is important.

Calories Count: one of the most important thing that talk about in fitness and health industry is calorie count. But do you really known the meaning of calories count? What it basically signifies? Calories refer to energy consumed with food items and drinking fluids. Calories are must to be consume in order to give your body energy so as to complete everyday tasks. It is important and one must note how much calorie you are burning and how much you are consuming. To balance the both professional guidance or nutrition diet need to be follow.

How Diet for fit body becomes easier with professionals?

Talk of diet chart plan for slim and fit body. A strict diet plan can be followed in two circumstances. One is when your diet is under a professional trainer who is keeping a regular check. Another one is when you are very strict with yourself as you want yourself to look much smarter, younger and fit. If you are working out hard and more then needed but not following a proper diet for fit body you will feel tired. Eating protein rich food items will keep your energy filled whereas having food items rich in fats and sugars will make you feel filled. Under the professional guidance you will be able to follow a healthy nutrition  diet which is good for you.

Follow the fitness food for fit and slim body:

Are you worried on how to keep body healthy and fit when food is your stress relief? Worry no more. With health and nutritional filled breakfast, lunch and dinner you will be able to keep yourself healthy, fit and young. Follow a below diet chart plan for fit body:

Breakfast: Eating breakfast at the start of the morning is the best time. From 8am to 10am is the best you can follow. Include carbohydrates in your breakfast that will be easily converted into energy. As you will give your body more time to convert them into energy.
Lunch: by 1pm-2pm you should have eaten 55 percent of the carbohydrates. You need to eat more protein by adding chicken, meat and eggs to a salad or drinking a shot of whey protein.
After hard gym hit or workout: if you do weight training in evening. Then you must drink protein shake and small amount of carbohydrates after 45 minutes of hard and tough workout. By this point of time your muscles will be more open hence carbohydrates will be easily consumed. Along with this you will be absorbing nutrients.
Dinner: Eat fruits such as turkey, salmon, apple, avocado and montmorency cherries will help you sleep silently. Usually when we don’t fill our stomach often we don’t get sleep. Therefore eating montmorency cherries will let you sleep. What one should avoid is carbohydrates such as potatoes, white rice, if you are on a early journey of weight lose.

Lastly, I would ask you if it is so difficult to go with the plan as better diet for fit body can be nothing more than this. You only need to take the initiative and follow seriously. With no doubt for lifetime following a healthy and diet plan will reward you with the best of compliments. One should remember to physically fit it is vital to balance the mental fitness with physical. With this you will be active.


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