How to Keep Fit and Healthy

How to Keep Fit and Healthy Body in your Busy Schedule?

Before, I start on how to keep fit and healthy body one should be aware of what is health n fitness all about. To be healthy and fit does not mean you have to reserve yourself for long hours of workout in gym and rely on chicken and steam broccoli for every meal. Despite exercising and observing what you eat the elastic in workout seems to be tight. Ninety five percent of people are working on how to lose weight in their busy schedule. They are surrounded by work and not able to take time for themselves. The remaining five percent are lean enough to get fit into the fitness world.

To stay fit and healthy has becomes the top priority to many people. How many actually able to attain and live this life? Many still struggle to stay in tiptop condition and fail in how to keep fit and healthy body. Take time for daily exercise and preparing meal might not be easy for all. Every individual has it time management. Taking out some time from your busy schedule will help you reap the rewards in future with good health n fitness achieved. Changes anyone would make small or big will definitely contribute to better lifestyle. To make one hour per day will start to encourage you for better habits and help in maintaining for long-term.

Different Ways How to keep fit and healthy body:

  • Wake up and get outside: The very first way is wake up early if you are not a early riser. To stay on track with your health and to make fitness your routine you need to be disciplined. Setting alarm an hour earlier will make a huge difference. Researches have shown people who workout early morning tend to stick to their physical workout session for longer. Wake up as early as you can and go out for run to enjoy the pre-festivities alone time or prepare a heart pumping playlist for self. Need some extra motivation in getting out of your bed? Make sure you keep your dress ready before night.
  • No more excuses: I known you are too busy to go the gym. It takes too much of time to pack a healthy lunch and too hard to find something healthy to eat. You can easily workout at home but you don’t know how to do.Stop making any such more excuses and start today the fitness routine. All such excuses are valid in their way and yes we allow them to win over us. Answer to question how to keep body healthy and fit is hidden in making no more excuses. If you really want to stay in healthy and fit world you have to overcome your excuses and get into gym arena.
  • Do it fast and stay focused: Don’t have time to hit the gym? Go for a 30 minutes morning walk or jogging in nearby park or perform the circuit workout in backyard. It is really important to enjoy what you do. If exercises start to feel chore to you then it is only a matter of time until you fall off course.Therefore look for different and variant workout activities such as consider Zumba if you really like dancing. Get the aggression out from your pants. Check on kickboxing course if you are passionate enough for martial arts. Trying to tune with outdoor activities and find your inner zen. Make it a regular part of life. Enjoy this way how to keep fit and healthy lifestyle.
  • Perform activities that keep you moving: One should be clear in mind going out for movies, shopping and sitting around the meals will not reward them. Rather finding some physical activities as of it they will have true results. Venture which you enjoy with your friends, loved ones or sometime alone. Go for cycle rides, walking together, jogging alone with best of songs in your playlist. Performing such diversion will lead to healthy and  fit body. The list is endless to have fun with physical workout exercises. Health n fitness become part of your life.
  • Track your schedule and achievements: It might sound traditional to pen down to paper the fitness plan. But it will be great help on how to keep fit and healthy living standard. A study conducted in British Journal of health and Psychology reveals 91 percent of adults who planned when and where of workout before hand exercised once a week. As compared to just 38 percent of those who hadn’t planned ahead. The latter people know the fitness stats such as highest weight lifted, best meal time, longest mile cover that will be a great help. With this not only you will fiddle but which dumbbell to grab will get clear to you. One should know what has to be the next move as you will also be able to figure out how far you have come in quick glance. This will be welcome boost of motivation on days your willpower dwindle.
  • Sleep is your priority over everything: Leave everything aside sleep is the only priority. Before you hit the gym or start with morning walk night sleep is must. One should not underestimate the importance of sleep. For long term health good amount of sleep is must. Too little sleep will damage the weight loss efforts due to raised cortisol level. Hence, try to have seven to eight hour night sleep on regular basis.
  • Consider nutrition by finding ways to enjoy veggies: Are you well aware of poor-diet can’t help you maintaining fitness for long term.Study reveals people who take healthy diet and follow workout session together tend to stick to fitness with both habits. It is true not everyone love the taste of vegetables. Veggies are power house of important nutrients that help you in maintaining the body fitness.Green vegetables are highly prefer and recommend but it is advised to have in plain salad. But if one don’t like it as plain he or she can get it roasted. Hence, one must have clean, fresh and raw eating for outstanding results.

With the different ways on how to keep body healthy and fit seems interesting. Start with workout and diet today, cherish the results with compliments in your account. Enjoy the journey of life with healthy eating habits and physically fit body.


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