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How Do I Gain Weight and Muscles with Ease?

Are you tensed on how do I gain weight fast? Sick of being skinny and weak and looking forward to how to gain weight and muscles. Then you are at the right place. In the following blog section we will be guiding you on different ways to weight gain easily and swiftly. When you have decided to gain weight then you need to work on both weight and muscle mass. You will require to make changes in your dietary as well exercises. When these to goes hand in hand you will be setting long term goals. Opting healthier meals and right form of workout sessions will be assisting you in weight gain safely. With right combination of calories consumed and exercising sufficiently will help you in building muscles mass.

Why Not Able to Gain Weight?

Few of the reasons why you not able to gain weight is described efficiently. Genetics is a one of the major factor for which naturally thin faces difficulty in gaining weight. Human body does have the tendency to adapt to changes. Hence under skillful trainer, right weight workout sessions and accurate amount of food intake you will notice the difference. Gain weight is as similar as to lose weight. Both if done in a smart, healthful way, reaching set goals becomes easy. Another reason to not able to weight gain is not eating enough. One need to improve the eating plan to gain weight fairly. Least cause when not able to weight gain is over exercising and stressed lifestyle which involves more of physical activity.

How do I Gain Weight Healthy?

  1. Target a realistic goal: Every individual has different body with variant capabilities. Sit down and write up your realistic long term goal. Goals should be such that are measurable and specific. Not just you are writing to gain weight or gain muscles. One must try to specific with goals. Out of reach set goals are harder to reach and stick to as well. Include timeline for your long term goals. For instance gain 10 kg in a week. Once you achieve come with short term goals that help you reach long term set goals. Weekly goals are great way to keep track for the achievements.
  2. Track the progress: it is essential and advised if you are following a program be it anything in our case it is fitness goals. Therefore one must take note of the progress which he or she is making during the journey. The one benefit you will having from this will be getting a valuable motivation. With track record keeping the journey become easier with keeping the record as you can track weight, body fat percentage and near about measurements. Another advantage with track record is evaluating how your diet and workout sessions going. Are they worth doing? After 15 days period keep a check on how well your journey is moving ahead with health and fitness.
  3. Advantage with accountability partner: have someone who is liable partner to you. For some making lifestyle changes can be difficult. Therefore have someone who can motivate you in regular intervals helps you in staying on track when you forget the purpose. Talk to friends how do I Gain Weight when you are losing the focus. Ask them can you have in touch and discuss about your goals, achievements and how successfully you are progressing. With personal accountability you can make necessary changes and adapt new and better lifestyle.
  4. Increase calorie intake: your overall calorie intake is important when you are on journey of weight gain. You need to increase the calorie intake from 250 to 500 per day. With this you will be gaining half and one pound of weight gain in a single week. So far the answer to question how to weight gain has been in your account. One must consider dense calorie food items in the diet chart.
  5. Include healthy carbs: eat carbohydrates before and after the workout. Consuming carbohydrates after the workout help you refuel, minimize muscles break down and increased muscle mass. Eat carb dense meal 30 60 min before workout. With this you will have energy, maintain your blood sugar level and give you start on post workout recovery.
  6. Consider drinking protein supplement: drinking a protein shake during the day will help you to meet your protein requirement and building muscle faster. Studies says consume 20 g of protein shake prior to strength training workout will reward you with increased protein synthesis. You can also add higher fat milk, peanut butter and even avocado in your protein shake that will help you in boosting calorie.
  7. Eat food and vegetables: Although your focus will be on protein and higher calorie foods to meet set targets. It is also important to get adequate servings of fruits and vegetables. It is advised to have five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day.


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