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How to Do Exercise in Gym for Weight Loss?

If you are reading this probably you are not clear with how to do exercise in gym? Worry no further. Your search for how to exercise in gym is over. You have reached the right place. Here i will be discussing on why you not able to lose weight when you are discipline. How you will improve with different ways of workout sessions and physical activity. Final how variant machines present at your gym arena will actually help you in weight loss journey. You can also ask any of your runner friends. There are number of reasons to exercise that have nothing to do with losing weight. But if weight loss is your motivate then one must make sure every minute at gym is counted.

Why you are not Losing Weight at Gym?

You are a regular goers to gym yet you are not able to meet the results to weight loss. Well here are few of the reasons why you not getting the expected outputs. The cardio workouts you are doing aren’t that intense. You need to be hard with yourself not brisk walking on treadmill or going through a magazine will help you to pump your heart. You need to do at-least 60 minutes of intense workout session. Another reason why you not able to make it to the target is you are eating high-calorie pre or post workout snacks which are extremely harmful for your health.

If you doing strength training for muscle mass then you need to train on heavy weight as it will increase muscle metabolic rate. That will translate to calorie burn more as compared to little weight lifts. You need to change your workout plans more often. It is good if you are following a routine but if it isn’t effective then it is require mixing up the order of exercises at gym.

Follow Different Ways on How to do Exercise in Gym.

You can follow the different ways mentioned below to maximize the workout sessions and lose weight at faster rate.

  • More of cardio: one must include activity that permits you not to talk during the workout. Unlike weight lifting or uber-intense unsustainable anaerobic exercises most people physically can sustain workout for long enough to burn substantial amount of calorie. Therefore anyone trying losing weight must spend 60 percent of their gym time doing cardio and remaining 40 percent weight training.
  • Fluctuate between different intensities: when you are adapting a new lifestyle every system of the body has to adopt it. If it sounds to you awful as lot of effort is involved then because it is and it is required as well. The more work you give your body to do the more fuel (calories) it need to burn so that the work is done. When you alternate between the fast paced aerobic exercise and workouts that are way too hard to keep up for more than a minute. Alternating between 4 minutes of steady state cardio in aerobic zone and one minute of unsustainably intense cardio gives you the most bump for your oppose.
  • Involve more of core during workout: most exercises involve the core in their capacity and even more so if you remember to squeeze it. You burn more calories when you work larger muscle groups than smaller muscles. To have maximum results perform all the exercises at once and try some moves that involve rotation such as plank twists. The gym workout is never fixed you can try multiple of exercises to get the core stronger.
  • Do a HIIT once in a week: A HIIT session can boost your resting metabolic rate up to eight days. If you are doing HIIT everyday than it is total waste because your muscles won’t recover. But a proper one day HIIT in a week is worth and make a real difference.
  • Sip water during the workout: when your body runs out of oxygen it loses steam hence water is during the workout is essential. As water contains oxygen can help you sustain intensity you require maximize calorie burn.

Machines that Actually Help in Weight Loss

  • Tread Mill: the treadmill should be in your list when weight loss is on your list. The treadmill can accommodate almost any fitness level and reach goal.
  • Static Bicycle: the stationary bike are best for revving up weight loss. The very smooth pedalling feel of cycle make it the most in need machine. The cycle actually mimic outdoor riding.
  • Rowing Machine: the extremely smooth action comfortable seat and ergonomically designed handle allows you to challenge yourself. Both with strength and period. The perfect recipe to burn calorie.
  • Step Mill: the potential to burn calorie by climbing the equivalent of 10 or 20 flights of stairs. Working against gravity especially going up a flight of stairs hence forced to bear most of body weight.

With this the answer to your question how to do exercises at gym for weight loss is cleared so far. Do let us know if anything else is bothering you apart from workout sessions.


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