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Workout and Fitness Exercises with Battle Rope

When it comes to workout and fitness exercises I am one of a kind who love to include physical activities in lifestyle. If you are taking your living standard seriously then one should not forget to include cardio in the workout sessions. I personally feel if anyone doing cardiovascular exercises then it has to be fast enough. With speed you will enjoy the intense workout and fitness will be maintained simultaneously. High speed run or jogging for long distance might not be meant for everyone. Some are lovers of high intensity interval training. The primary idea behind HIIT is to alternate between periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with less intense resting period. Researches also says HIIT improves aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and keep the metabolism level also high for few hours after finish. Recently, I have discovered workout with battle ropes that act as wind sprints for your arms.

Develop Core Strength and Power

The thick battle ropes include in your workout and fitness will eventually develop core and gives your arm the strength. The long, heavy strands of rope actually serve as incredible challenging workout equipment that is perfect for high-intensity interval training. The battle rope gym workout exercises look like they are primarily designed for arm strength. But you will be surprised on learning that they also require the commitment of your entire core. If you are looking for effective way to touch calories and enhance cardiovascular then you are not wrong with battle rope. At the same time your core strength will intensify and you will develop more power in upper body.

Why workout and fitness with rope?

Workout ropes goes by many names including thick rope, muscle rope, power rope, undulation rope, battling rope, combat rope and training rope. No matter what you call them important is to start using one at gym. Below are the reasons why you must include them in workout and fitness sessions.

  1. Versatile in nature: the undulation or muscle rope can be used to climb, pull, or do undulation exercise. The rope can be used by a team to climb a mountain or individually to perform at gym.
  2. Portable: best part about battle or training rope is you can carry them anywhere freely. Be it at your house backyard or park near to home and if it is in your gym than is the best. You can wind them up around a football goal pole and take them wherever you wish to. The design of the battle rope is the simplest hence carrying it around is trouble-free.
  3. The most convenient workout: battle rope is one out of the best physical fitness exercises perform by fitness freaks. In case you got restless with travel equipment then to take training rope is the best. It is the easiest item that can be store in small duffel bag. Even the biggest rope weigh about 30 lbs. My point is not to take them across country. Rather you can backpack them and ride to a place which gives you positive vibes.
  4. Scalable to fitness level: longer and thicker the battle rope the more difficult will be your workout sessions. In case 50 foot rope is too hard for you. Then you can tie knot in middle and make it 30 ft rope. Gradually when you start with the workout and fitness reaches a level where hitting 50 ft rope is easy then untie the knot.
  5. Best for HIIT: HIIT is repeate outburst of short duration high intensity exercise. An example of HIIT with battle rope is as mentioned.
    a. 5 minute moderate jump for warm up.
    b. 10 sets for 10-30 seconds interval including waves, slams, throws, spirals and whips and taking 30 sec of rest between intervals.
    c. Final is to take 5 minutes moderate jump rope to cool down.
  6. Incredible for full body workout: Use of battle rope in daily workout sessions improves strength and stamina by engaging the whole body in the drill. Training rope includes muscles of hands, forearms, shoulders, back, legs, abs and core. With increased stamina you will do more of cardio and live a healthy lifestyle. If you workout and hit gym early in morning then you will be active the whole day. Not only one single muscle is target with battle rope instead full body does high level intensity challenging workout.
  7. Not only fun but add variability to your routine: Performing workout with battle ropes is not only fun but also interesting. When your body do same repetitive exercises daily then it get use to it as it is performed regularly. Once the body follow a routine it gets quite easier to work hard than yesterday. Usually people make great progress at the beginning but gradually slow down and hit a plateau. Best way to get past plateau is to add variation to your exercises routine and challenge body to keep it to its toes. When variations are add you will not get bore rather you will stay motivated.

With this you learnt why battle rope must be in your workout and fitness training sessions. Therefore wait no more and get started with training rope by today itself.


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