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How to Exercise Abs Without Using Equipment?

Are looking for how to exercise abs when you don’t have gym equipment. There is no one who will not want six pack abs. whereas it is not easy to get the strong core, sexy abdominal muscles, flat belly, or tone stomach. One need to look on many things when they are on the journey of flat stomach tummy. To get a six pack requires hard work and true dedication not that you start to become professional.

The few modification transformation will reflect soon in your physique. Changes in diet and daily routine is sufficient to produce serious, long-lasting results. No matter what the motive of you to move towards fitness. It can be from very simple to complex depends on your taste of level of fitness.

Learn ways on How to Exercise Abs for Flat Tummy

  • Count Cardio Session: Cardiovascular exercise also called as aerobic is any form of workout that increases once heart rate. With regular incorporate of cardio into your daily routine you will help burn fat at faster rate. Speed up the way to achieve six pack abs. Studies also reveal effective when it comes to reducing belly fat and speed your stomach tone journey. There are many but best at home ab workout are fewer in number. Crunches, leg raise, pulse-ups, sitting  punches, v-ups, side plank, climbing and many more. Different studies says distinct facts about belly fat as more people involve cardio greater amount of belly fat they lose One must include 30-40 minute of moderate vigorous activity per day.
  • Abdominal Muscles Exercises: rectus abdominis is long muscle that extend vertically along length of abdomen. The abdomen muscle that create appearance of six pack is also necessary for breathing, coughing, bowel movements. Other are internal and external obliques and also the transverse abdominis. The aim behind ab -exercise is to increase muscle mass and achieve six pack abs. You need to make sure you are doing cardio as well with healthy diet for maximize results. Abdominal crunches, planks and other types of popular exercise help you strength abdominal muscles. Create abdominal more stronger than before with these workouts.
  • More Protein content in your diet has to be taken for high protein rich food meals. With this you will support the weight loss, fight belly fat and muscles will get six pack abs. Consuming high-protein meals help increase feelings of fullness and also promote control in 27 overweight and obese men. Another study also reveal people who increase the protein intake by 15% also they decreases the calorie intake. Significantly decreases in body weight and fat. Both metabolism and muscle mass is preserve with high diet protein. High protein rich foods are meat, poultry, eggs, seafoods, dairy products, nuts and legumes. All these need to be in your diet if you are non vegany.
  • Go for HIIT: high intensity interval training is form of workout sessions that involves alternating intense bursts of activity and short recovery periods. With HIIT you will increasing the heart rate and also fat burning capacity. The easiest and to be perform at home HIIT is to switch between walking and sprinting for 20 to 30 seconds. You can also go for burpress with climbing and jumping jacks with short break in between.
  • Fill up with fiber: more fiber in your diet will help you increase weight loss and achieve six pack abs. Soluble fiber moves via gastrointestinal tract undigested that can definitely help you slow emptying of stomach to make you feel fuller for longer.


There is much more to getting six pack abs than daily ab routine workout such as crunches and planks every single day. Instead with full dedication, hard work, healthy diet do plays a major role and helps in maintaining an active lifestyle. With these factors and other achieving goals will be easy and faster. With few modifications in your daily routine and adapting to living style will give you set of packs and will improve your health as well at the same time. Good luck for making ab that last longer.

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